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We are a couple (Micke & Nilla) from the south of Sweden. In the deep forest, two miles outside Vaxjo, we live in our house where we have made our livingroom into a home-studio. All of our text and music are written by ourselves. We hope to satisfy people with our music and with our lyrics sometimes even chock! Our goal is to reach the people out there, and of course to have fun on the way.

As soon as we laid our coverband “Flashback” aside, we made our decision to produce our own music. Why? Becuase we want to change, touch and make people to feel. At the end, we humans are quite alike in the way we react or got affected by music in different situations. The most difficult part is to make music that has the key of musical tones that  makes people to stop for a second, listen and take that melody to their heart. When you listen to Wiwa, we assure that you will get a bunch of those keys!

The demos we have released has been well reputed while played in radio and local city pubs and discotecs.